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National Award Winner from Govt. of India
First company to manufacture Glass Bead Sterilizers in India
Wide clientele spread across 26 countries.
Customer oriented approach
“A copy test results that were conducted by Scholl College, comparing sterilizing ability of the Glass Bead Sterilizers to Cold Sterilization and Autoclaving, is available upon request”

Glass Bead Sterilizers BS-300 BS-500 BS-1000 BS-2000 BS-3000H
Glass Bead Sterilizers (GBS Digital) BS-500 D BS-1000 D BS-2000 D  
Carry Case for our Glass Bead Sterilizer BS-300 BS-500    

Carry Case for our Glass Bead Sterilizer

Carry Case for Glass Bead Sterilizer

Carry Case Glass Bead Sterilizer BS-300
Carry Case for Glass Bead Sterilizer

Carry Case Glass Bead Sterilizer BS-500
"Over the years, many people have wanted to carry the Glass Bead Sterilizer to the places they visit to provide treatment, etc. Hence, we have developed the Carry Case for our Glass Bead Sterilizer, Model BS-300 (as this is the model which is being carried around most often) which is resistant to heat, portable, and compact.

The Carry Case is a convenient way to transport our Glass Bead Sterilizer, Model BS-300. The unit fits in the carry case comfortably, and can be plugged in and used while in the carry case. Once your work is done, just unplug the Glass Bead Sterilizer and close and lock the lid of the carry case to take it to your next visit".

Technical Specifications

1. Carry Case Size: (L x W x H) 255 x 180 x 180 mm 190 x 190 x 250 mm
2. Weight of Carry Case: 1.750 Kgs 1.300 Kgs
3. Weight of Carry Case w/ GBS-300: 4.15 Kgs 3.900 Kgs


Quantity Price Price
BS-300 BS-500
Price for the product US$ 168 US$ 198

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