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Why Us?
National Award Winner from Govt. of India
First company to manufacture Glass Bead Sterilizers in India
Wide clientele spread across 26 countries.
Customer oriented approach
“A copy test results that were conducted by Scholl College, comparing sterilizing ability of the Glass Bead Sterilizers to Cold Sterilization and Autoclaving, is available upon request”

Glass Bead Sterilizers BS-300 BS-500 BS-1000 BS-2000
Glass Bead Sterilizers (GBS Digital) BS-500 D BS-1000 D BS-2000 D  
Carry Case for our Glass Bead Sterilizer BS-300      

Glass Bead Sterilizers (Gbs Digital)

Digital Glass Bead Sterilizer

Glass Bead Sterilizers BS-500 D

Glass Bead Sterilizers BS-1000 D

Glass Bead Sterilizers BS-2000 D

Dent-Eq - Manufacturer & exporter of digital glass bead sterilizers for more than a decade. We have supplied our units to over 26 countries and they are being used by various professionals. Glass Bead Sterilizer is also being used as medical sterilizing equipment, dental sterilizing equipment, biotechnology sterilizing equipment, podiatric sterilizing equipment etc.

In continuation to our Glass Bead Sterilizers, Models BS-300, BS-500, BS-1000 and BS-2000, we have developed Models BS-500D, BS-1000D, and BS-2000D - these units are incorporated with a digital temperature indicator which continuously display the temperature being maintained in the glass beads. The units continue to be an effective method of sterilization, killing all spores, bacteria, within 10 seconds.

Technical Specifications

SPECIFICATIONS BS- 500 D BS- 1000 D BS- 2000 D
1. Cabinet Size L × W × H 145 x 140 x 325 mm. 155 × 155 × 370 mm 125 × 143 × 385 mm
2. Crucible (Brass) size 50 mm. Dia x 75 mm. Depth 50 mm dia. × 137.5 mm Depth 50 mm dia. × 162.5 mm Depth
3. Preset Temperature Range 230°C - 250°C 245°C - 265°C 230°C- 250°C
4. Initial Stabilization Time 30 Minutes 30 Minutes 30 Minutes
5. Weight (Inclusive of Glass Beads) 5.3 kgs. 6.2 kgs. 6.4 kgs.
6. Power Consumption 30 units (for 25 working days) 50 Units (for 25 working days) 50 Units (for 25 working days)
7. Wattage 150W single phase 250 W Single Phase 250 W Single Phase
8. Input 220V/50Hz or 110V/50Hz 220V/ 50 Hz or 110V/ 50 Hz 220v/50Hz or 110v/50 Hz
NOTE: Temperature Range/ Input Voltage can be set to Customer's Specifications.

New prices w.e.f. June.1.2018

Quantity Price
MODEL BS - 500 D MODEL BS - 1000 D MODEL BS - 2000 D
1 Unit (upto 10 Units) US $ 575.00 US $ 625.00 US $ 670.00
Extra Glass Beads ( per filling ) US $ 53.00 US $ 57.00 US $ 63.00

Glass Beads cleaning instructions

¤ We suggest that glass beads be replaced at least once in 3 months.
¤ Instructions for cleaning glass beads (at least once every 2 weeks) - Remove glass beads once the unit is completely cool.
¤ Wash with mild soap, rinse and dry thoroughly before reuse.
¤ Prices include Shipping and Handling.
¤ All units are supplied with one filling of glass beads.

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