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Microscope Slides
“A copy test results that were conducted by Scholl College, comparing sterilizing ability of the Glass Bead Sterilizers to Cold Sterilization and Autoclaving, is available upon request”

Microscopic Slides/Color Transparencies

We are in a position to supply Microscopic Slides under the following headings. The lists is quite exhaustive. The same can be emailed to you upon request.
Please write to info@dent-eq.com or denteq@dent-eq.com if you wish for us to forward the complete list of Microscopic Slides/Color Transparencies we are in a position to supply.
We can provide Facility of Virtual Microscopy/Digital Slide Scanning as well.

Microscopic Slides

1. Slides for Oral Histology
2. Special Structures in Oral Histology
3. Taste Bud
4. Dental Anatomy: Ground Sections of Tooth
5. Special Structures in Oral Histology
6. Dental Anatomy: Decalcified Tooth
7. Ground Sections
8. Embryonal Development of Tooth Germ
9. Face Develoopment
10. Oral Pathology
11. Special & Unusual Lesions of Oral Pathology
12. Lesions of Tooth & Periodontal Tissue (Decalcified Tooth)
13. General Pathology
14. General Histology
15. Special Slides of Histology

Color Transparencies

1. Tooth Anatomy, Periodontal Tissue & Sequelae of Dental Caries
2. Tooth Development & Oral Embryology
3. Oral Histology
4. Oral Pathology Cysts, Cyst-Like Conditions of Jaws, Odontogenic Malformations & Tumours,and Periodontal Diseases.
5. Oral Pathology: Infections of Gingiva, Oral Cavity, Jaw, Soft Tissues, Premalignant and Malignant
6. Oral Pathology: Salivary Gland Lesions & Salivary Tumours
7. Oral Histology: Diseases of Connective Tissue, Nerves, Muscles & Blood Vessels
8. Oral Histology: Diseases of Bone & Temporomandibular Joint
9. Oral Pathology: General Pathological Processes & Hematological Disorders
10. General Histology

Note:  Please email us a list of slides (&quantity) you wish to purchase to enable us to quote. If you don’t see the slides you require in the list, please inform – we may be able to produce them especially for you.

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